Employees who have worked hard together since the launch

The owner of a Japanese restaurant was in Japan, but decided to start a restaurant in Vietnam with a Japanese local president.
There were many things that the Japanese president didn’t understand, such as setting up a store, obtaining a license, dealing with the government, and Vietnamese customs.
The Japanese president and the Vietnamese employees were able to obtain a license and open the store after some hardships.

It’s been 3 years since the business started, and it’s finally made profit.
Naturally, the Japanese president had a lot of trust in this Vietnamese employee, and he trusted him completely.
He entrusted the public security and fire department to the Vietnamese employees, and he had no doubts about the costs involved.
However, the owner in Japan had doubts about the gradual increase in administrative costs without receipts, so he visited Vietnam to collect information and conduct research.
As a result, it was discovered that this Vietnamese employee had embezzled the money by disguising it as a payment to public security.
From this employee, I obtained a pledge to repay the amount that was embezzled in monthly installments, but the repayment has never been made.