Debt Collection

We think that there is a problem related to repayment as a more serious problem than recruiting.

Overseas, the “payment date” is very important, but the reality is that in Vietnam, it is often not considered important. Intentional or planned delays in payment are very common.  
One of the reasons is that payment and repayment are considered indirect financing, and securing funds through delayed payments is more reliable and cheaper than direct financing from financial institutions. Vietnam also has limited means of collection, including legal means, and a surprising number of companies have been forced to give up due to difficulties in negotiations and cost effectiveness.  

Aimable has 30 years of experience in debt collection in Japan and 10 years in Vietnam.

Our company, which has negotiation know-how and investigation know-how, will collect the debt in cooperation with our partner, a Vietnamese lawyer.
We have a track record of collecting irrecoverable and bad debt written off receivables, so please contact with us before giving up important company assets.

Aimable, we have various collection know-how, so we will consult with the client on the collection policy and carry out the collection work according to the client’s request. Please concentrate on your main business and leave the troublesome debt collection work to us.


Haven’t you “give up” because you can’t collect your receivables with these methods?

With AIMABLE, you have a chance to collect!