Human resource survey

Recruitment is probably one of the biggest problems that any company faces. It is extremely difficult to grasp a person’s professional ability, personality, etc. only from the results of examinations such as resume document screening, interviews, written tests, and aptitude tests. In recent years, it has been recognized that the number of people who have falsely reported their career history and reason for leaving has increased surprisingly, probably due to the influence of manuals that are flooded on the web. Various harassment, labor problems, financial troubles, etc.

There are many people who repeat the same problem in any workplace. Aimable has a reputation for recruitment research. You can prevent bad guys from joining the company with a high probability just by understanding past troubles.

About the checking the Vietnamese staff recruitment survey (background check),debt collection agency.
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Is it okay to hire with just a resume and an interview?

Investigate such risks for companies

A background check investigates various risks for employees. Investigate from the employee’s educational background to the debt situation

Educational background survey

Social networking service survey

Previous job survey

Field survey

Criminal record survey

Debt situation

Recruitment survey sample report

Survey cost

  • Academic background survey (surveying universities in Vietnam)
  • Previous employment survey (person’s work attitude at previous employer, etc.)
  • On-site survey (survey on-site at the address listed on the resume)
  • Criminal background check (investigates whether or not the person has a criminal record)
  • Debt survey (surveys the debt situation of the person)
  • SNS survey (survey of applicant’s personality and various information)

Survey flow