Aimable is a professional group that solves the problems faced by companies, managers, and people in charge. Aimable will continue to be a partner trusted by clients for many years.


Aimable has “original skills” that other companies do not have

We are confident that we can collect all kinds of information that clients require by making full use of our know-how cultivated over many years in the financial industry and our own routes, even for information that is normally difficult to obtain.


Aimable’s skills

Investigative skills

We have a track record of working on more than 100,000 various surveys in Vietnam, and We have absolute confidence in the skills that are essential for producing results.

Analytical skills

We have a track record and experience of research in Vietnam since 2012, and it is possible to perform various analyzes even from small information. In addition, since we investigate based on hypotheses derived from many years of experience, we do not miss even the smallest information.

Negotiation skills

We have experience negotiating money collection with over 100,000 people in Vietnam with different ages, genders, occupations, and personalities. We are confident that our negotiating skills will be useful to our clients because of our legal knowledge and extensive experience.

A. Is it okay to just have a resume and an interview?


As can be said for Southeast Asia in general, the awareness of crime, especially economic crime, is very low. It is considered natural for the accounting staff to receive cashbacks from business partners,A trusted interpreter colludes with a negotiating partner to deceive an employer,Employees buying and selling client data,are not uncommon. We have actually experienced these negative aspects, so we are keenly aware of the importance of personnel surveys.

On the other hand, here is Vietnam. Survey methods and survey means are limited, and personnel surveys are very difficult.

Based on our bitter experience and the skills we have cultivated so far, we created a company called Aimable to help prevent the employment of “dangerous people”.

B. Are you having trouble with debt collection?

“We made a claim on my own and consulted with a lawyer, but we are still unable to collect the debt…”

There are many factors that make debt collection difficult, such as language, legal systems, mindsets and information. Even with over 30 years of debt collection experience in Japan, we have had a very difficult time here in Vietnam. If you have little experience in debt collection so far, the hardship and stress will be very large, and the results will not be accompanied.

In addition to our experience and knowledge, we work with lawyers with whom we have a trusting relationship of more than 10 years to collect our clients’ debts. This is common all over the world, but the earlier you consult, the higher the collection rate will be.

Our Services

A. Human resource survey

We will conduct a survey of prospective recruits. We conduct a multi-faceted investigation of the person to be investigated by combining online and on-site investigations, including falsification of educational background/work history, debt history, and criminal record.

B. Debt collection agency

Our company, which has negotiation know-how and investigation know-how, will collect the debt in cooperation with our Vietnamese lawyer. Leave the troublesome debt collection work to us.


If you would like to know more about Aimable’s services, please feel free to contact us.

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